EditorialPark Suite consists of following applications:


SubmissionSystem: Online manuscript submission and peer review application

Users Overview:

- Author: submits manuscripts and tracks submissions

- Reviewer: reviews manuscripts

- Section Editor: selects reviewers and makes recommendations for a manuscript

- Publication Editor: manages typesetting and publication process for accepted manuscripts

- Payment Editor: requests and monitors article processing fees (if applicable for the journal)

- Editor-in-chief: governs all processes for a journal



- Authors provide all related information such as e-mail address, affiliation, country, OrcID, etc. during registration.

- Authors are assisted by step-by-step pages to guarantee a user friendly manuscript submission process.

- All essential documents are sent via online system

- Blinded PDF documents to be delivered to peer reviewers are automatically generated.

- Article submission fee (if exists) may easily be handled using Payment API.

- Editor-in-chief may easily check for plagiarism using iThenticate API.


Expert Peer Review:

- Editor-in-chief selects section editor(s) who governs review process for a single manuscript and delivers expert recommendation to the editor-in-chief.

- Section editor invites reviewers to evaluate the quality and originality of the manuscript.

- Assigned reviewers provide comments and recommendations.

- Reviewers are periodically reminded via e-mail messages.

- Editor-in-chief makes one of the following decisions about the manuscript: 

               1 – Accept in its currect form

               2 – Accept with minor revisions

               3 – Re-evaluate after major revisions

               4 – Reject


ProductionSystem: Production tracking application

Upon acceptance, manuscripts are moved to production workflow.

- Editor-in-chief may select production editor or payment editor to assist respective tasks.

- Production editor check to see if the article meets publication guidelines of the journal such as spelling/grammar and styles of the references.

- Production editor may ask the author to correct any possible errors.

- Article processing fee (if exists) may easily be handled using Payment API.

- Galley proof is sent to submitting author for possible corrections and approval.

- Proof iterations are governed through the system until confirmation is received.


PublicationSystem: Journal publication application

Upon the receipt of approval for galley proof, the article is moved to publication workflow.

- Article metadata is automatically filled using the information provided by the authors.

- DOI number is easily obtained for the article to be published using CrossRef API.

- Article is published in selected volume and issue of the journal.


PaymentSystem: Article processing charge management application

This application helps editors to easily keep track of payments.