Who are we?

EditorialPark is a premium web-based intelligent system to efficiently manage all editorial and publication processes of scholarly journals and academic conferences.

EditorialPark has been developed under the leadership of a large community of high-impact researchers, who actively use almost all submission systems available in cyberspace, including free open access solutions, with all available user roles. 

Earlier versions of EditorialPark date back about 15 years and were extensively tested by thousands of active users. With 20+ years of experience, know-how of industry best practices, and qualified professional development team, we decided to redesign the system in 2017 with the intention to eliminate shortcomings we observed in the existing systems. And we succeeded.

We are now proud that many publishers are enjoying our high-quality products and publishing services at a reasonable pricing.

With the support of our partners, with whom we have worked for years, EditorialPark has become a pioneer in academic publishing industry within a short time of its launch, and is now trusted by more than 20 publishers, reaching 35000+ active users from more than 100 countries that published more than 20000 articles using the system.

Why us?

•    Streamlined workflows: Coordinate all stages from manuscript submission to publication, and efficiently streamline all workflows on a single portal. 
•    User-friendly submission: Comprehensive, intuitive, step-by-step author submission protocol allows self-guided manuscript submission.
•    Dashboard: State of the art dashboard enables editors an easy access to all papers under evaluation.
•    Quick actions: Smart quick actions feature allows users to easily access most common actions for current state.
•    Email notifications: Users are notified of editorial updates via available email templates.
•    Automated role assignment: User can access all permitted functionalities on a single page, and no re-login required to toggle between different roles
•    Simple and reasonable pricing: Use EditorialPark system at a flat rate of only $600 for a year (including hosting), independent of number of submissions and published articles. There are no credit packs, pay-per-article fees, or any other complexities to use EditorialPark system.
•    Production services: We offer additional optional production services at a fair price so that you can focus on other important things.
•    Easy start: Whether a brand-new title, or publishing for decades, it is as easy as 1-2-3 to start using EditorialPark solutions.
•    Article import/export: Extensive Import and export functionalities compatible with most existing systems that allows a quick and hassle-free switch.


Company Offices

EditorialPark DOO: Registered in Serbia No: 21836737

EditorialPark Ltd: Registered in England & Wales No. 13421509 London | EC1V 2NX

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