What is EditorialPark System

EditorialPark System is a premium web-based intelligent system to efficiently manage all editorial and publication processes of scholarly journals and academic conferences. Intuitive and easy to use interface of EditorialPark System guarantees that authors submit their manuscripts painlessly. With revolutionary dashboard implementation, users are able to all necessary actions in a single well-organized page. Intelligent system design ensures reduced payload for all.


EditorialPark, with decades of publishing experience, offers a complete set of systems and services that simplify the management and publication of your peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.


Streamlined workflows

Running editorial and publication processes of an academic journal requires the coordination of large number of people including authors, editors, reviewers, production officers, and typesetters. In most cases, editors must regulate hundreds of manuscript submissions and interact with thousands of individuals annually. Without carefully crafted workflows, routine data entry, data retrieval, correspondence, management operations can be extremely time-consuming and error-prone. EditorialPark is designed to coordinate all stages of academic journals from manuscript submission to publication, and efficiently streamline all workflows on a single portal anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. 

User-friendly submission

During registration, authors select their login credentials, such as username and password, and input their contact details, such as title, salutation, name, email address, country, and affiliation, and other user details, such as main research topics, ORCIDs, Scopus Author IDs, and Researcher IDs. Once registered, authors can submit their manuscripts through a comprehensive, intuitive, step-by-step webpages that allow self-guided manuscript submission. In case of difficulty, authors can contact EditorialPark support team at: support@editorialpark.com, thereby removing considerable workload from the editors. 


State of the art dashboard enables editors an easy access to all papers under evaluation.

Quick actions

Smart quick actions feature allows users to easily access most common actions for current state.

Email notifications

Users are notified of editorial updates via available email templates and automated reminders.


EditorialPark is integrated to the right tools and services.

Simple and reasonable pricing

There are no set-up fees, no credit packs, no per-submission fees, no per-article fees, no hosting fees, no support fees, no long-term contract requirements, no hidden fees, and no complexities to use EditorialPark system.
Use EditorialPark system (part or entire package of EP Editorial, EP Production, and EP Publication systems) at a flat rate of only $175 for a year (including hosting), independent of number of submissions and published articles. 

Easy start

Whether a brand-new title, or publishing for decades, it is as easy as 1-2-3 to configure and start using EditorialPark solutions. You only need to fill out the application form, which includes basic journal information. We will set up journal website and activate your publisher account. 

Seamless journal migration

Are you a long-time dissatisfied user of another peer-review journal system, but too afraid to switch? Changing the system is now easier and faster than you think. Our extensive import and export functionalities are compatible with most existing systems and allow a quick and hassle-free switch from most existing systems that use article metatags. Additionally, EditorialPark team are experienced in transitions from other systems. Our professional team will first check the existing journal website to see if it is eligible for automated import. If eligible, all articles from existing website can be imported to EditorialPark system free of charge. If not eligible for automated import, you should migrate each issue and article to EditorialPark system manually. Even in such circumstances, we can handle manual migration of articles on your behalf for a small fee.

Automated role assignment

With advanced automated role assignment feature:
-    user roles are not required to be selected during a login, 
-    multiple role users are not required to re-login to toggle between roles, 
-    user can access all their authorized functionalities on a single page,
With advanced automated role assignment feature, manuscript editors who are also reviewers have access to: i) manuscripts for which they are assigned as manuscript editors, ii) manuscripts for which they are assigned as reviewers, iii) manuscripts for which they are authors ALL on the same webpage with single login. 


Common Workflows

Manuscript submission workflow

Peer review workflow

Production workflow

Publication workflow

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