What services do you offer to publishers and conference organizers?

Publishers and conference organizers can use our author services

I am a journal publisher. How can I benefit from your typesetting and formatting service?

Initially, editors inform us about the requirements and theme of the article full-text template of the journal. We prepare beautifully formatted, clean, single- or two-column galley proofs in PDF format. Then, we communicate with the authors to fix all production errors until authors are completely satisfied with the output. Meanwhile, we closely interact with the editors during the process. When we receive approval from both the editors and authors, we publish the article online on journal website. For a small additional fee, we can also check and modify all in-text citations and references to conform to the bibliographic requirements of the journal.

Do I get a batch discount price on author services?

Yes. You can contact us at: info@editorialpark.com for details.

Can I use EditorialPark editorial management system only, and not the services?
Yes. You can use EditorialPark system or services individually or together. Conversely, it is also possible to use our services only. 
Each journal has different needs and requirements. We will do our best to meet the specific requirements of your journal.

I am a journal publisher. How often will I be charged?

EditorialPark system is charged once a year at the beginning of the billing period.
Typesetting and fornatting services are charged once every three months. At the end of each three-month period, you will receive an invoice for the services you used during the billing period.
Language editing and Translation services are charged directly to authors when they use our service.

Do I need to pay for software integrations, such as integration with DOI assignment and plagiarism checking services?

No, available software integrations are offered to journals at no additional cost. These integrations offer easy access to services that are widely used in academic publishing, such as DOI assignment and plagiarism checking.
Note that respective providers of these integrated services may charge fees when they are used. 

Can I publish the journal at URL address of my choice?

Yes. You will first register the domain address of your journal, such as www.MyJournalAddress.com. As EditorialPark, we will host the content of your journal pages and articles at no additional cost, since it is already included in our annual fee. Content of your journal will be published at your domain address. 

Are submitted manuscripts and published articles stored on your servers? How do you protect your servers from hacks?

Yes, all related files are stored in our dedicated servers. We use industry standard toolkits, ssl encryptions, etc. to protect the system and our database from hacks. If you want to use additional content preservation service, you can export and deposit the articles to an external archiving service of your choice.

Are you going to make significant changes in the pricing of EditorialPark system in the future?

No. As a business policy, EditorialPark will always be highly affordable to our trusted editors and publishers of any size.

How can I start using EditorialPark system or services?

You can start using EditorialPark system and/or services simply by filling out the appropriate application forms, which includes basic information about your articles, journals, or events. Our experienced team will guide you through the remainder of the process.

I have some additional questions that are now answered above. 

You can contact EditorialPark team at: info@editorialpark.com for any additional questions.

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