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Some of the journals that use our system are shown below:

Journal name Country Published since Indexed in
American Journal of Qualitative Research USA 2017 J-Gate, Google Scholar, etc.
Aquademia UK 2017 J-Gate, Google Scholar, etc.
Contemporary Educational Technology UK 2010 ERIC, ESCI, Scopus,  etc.
Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education UK 2005 ERIC, Scopus, etc.
Electronic Journal of General Medicine UK 2004 ESCI, Scopus, etc
European Journal of Sustainable Development Research UK 2017 J-Gate, Google Scholar, etc
Feminist Encounters Netherlands 2017 Scopus, DOAJ, etc.
Journal of Baltic Science Education Lithuania 2002 SSCI, Scopus, etc.
Journal of Clinical Medicine of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 2004 RSCI, DOAJ, etc.
Journal of Cultural Analysis and Social Change Netherlands 2018 DOAJ, ERIH Plus, etc.
Journal of Information Systems Engineering & Management Portugal 2016 Scopus, DOAJ, etc.
Journal of Pedagogical Research Turkey 2017 Scopus, DOAJ, etc.
Mediterranean Journal of Social & Behavioral Research Cyprus 2017 ERIH Plus, Google Scholar, etc.
Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies Cyprus 2011 ESCI, Scopus, etc.
Problems of Education in the 21st Century Lithuania 2007 ESCI, ERIC, etc.
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