Academic journals are at the heart of all major scientific developments. Editorial and publication operations of scholarly journals require the coordination of large number of people, including editors, editorial board members, reviewers, authors. 

We work closely with journals to provide them with solutions and services tailored to their individual needs.


EditorialPark management system

Our smart online platform equips conference organizers with efficient management tools for:

•    hosting and maintenance of journal and publisher websites

•    article submissions and editorial evaluations

•    communications between peers

•    collection of article processing fees

•    third party services, such as plagiarism checking and DOI assignment

•    production of camera-ready versions

•    publication and permanent preservation of articles

•    supplementary files, data sets, or additional links on article web pages


Typesetting and formatting services

Our experts can beautifully format the articles using the journal template and communicate proof files with the authors until camera ready versions are prepared. 


Other services

We offer cost-effective and reliable language editing and translation services. 


Customization and support

Each journal may have a different set of requirements and regulations. Although some publishers rely heavily on volunteers, most publishers host in-house editorial, administrative, IT, production, accounting, and marketing departments. Whether you are a university, a society, a research institution, or a private publisher, whether you are publishing a single journal or a suite of journals, whether you are highly experienced in academic publishing or you are just launching your first journal, we are here to increase the impact of your while reducing any unnecessary complexity.


For details on how we can help you, please complete the journal application form and contact

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