After the manuscript is submitted, editor or editorial office performs a preliminary check to see all submission requirements are fulfilled. After this preliminary inspection, the manuscript is either I) returned to author for corrections or ii) initially verified to be sent to reviewers.

Managing editor selects an editor who will select reviewers and make recommendations for the manuscript. Managing editor may select himself as the editor.

Editor can easily send the manuscript to iThenticate to check against plagiarism.

Editor may decide to have the manuscript sent to professional editing services.

Editor invites reviewers from the list of available reviewers to review the manuscript. Editor may invite himself to review the manuscript.

Reviewers accept or reject the invitation depending on title and abstract of the manuscript.

If the invitation is accepted, reviewers gain access to blinded PDF.

After the manuscript is evaluated, reviewers complete their reports along with one of the following suggestions:

1: Accept

2: Accept with minor changes

3: Major revision

4: Reject

Reviewers may request to see the manuscript once again after revisions are applied.

SubmissionSystem supports double blind review process in which the identity of the authors and reviewers are concealed from each other.

Depending on the reports and recommendations of the reviewers, editor prepares a comprehensive report and recommendation to the editor.

Depending on the reports and recommendations of the reviewers and editor, editor sends a decision letter to author with one of the following decisions:

1: Accept: The manuscript is accepted in its current form and may be handled over to production.

2: Minor revision: The author is expected to upload the final version of the manuscript with the necessary changes. The manuscript then may be handled over to production.

3: Major revision: The author uploads the revised version of the manuscript. Manuscript is then peer reviewed once again. 

4: Reject: Manuscript is labelled as rejected and workflow for the manuscript is completed.

At any time, editor is allowed to make a decision regarding the manuscript, even without assigning editors or reviewers.

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