Manuscripts that are accepted for publication are initially moved to production workflow 

Editor-in-chief selects a production editor who handles all pre-publication operations for accepted manuscripts.

Editor-in-chief may select himself as the production editor.

Production editor checks to see if the manuscript conforms to the publication guidelines of the journal in terms of:

- spelling and grammar

- referencing styles

- other journal requirements

Production editor may decide to have the manuscript sent to professional editing services.

Manuscript is formatted according to the journal layout template to prepare the first version of the galley proof file.

Galley proof is sent to author.

Author replies with possible corrections.

A new version of the proof is prepared and sent to author.

Author replies with possible corrections.

This iteration continues until the proof is approved by the author.

Editor-in-chief may impose a limitation on the number of iterations.

Approved proof is transferred to PublicationSystem publication queue.

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