EditorialPark system automatically provides users with the functions appropriate for them.

Managing Editor

Depending on the organization scheme of the journal, this role is suitable for editor-in-chiefs, journal managers, or publishers. This user has full permission over the journal content such as updating journal websites, arranging its volumes and issues, assigning roles for other users, assigning manuscript editors for incoming manuscript submissions. Managing editors may grant full permission to manuscript editors, allowing them to make final editorial decisions, or they may retain the authority to make these decisions. Managing editors can:
o    Access to an extensive dashboard where they can monitor and regulate all peer review operations
o    Provide preliminary assessment of incoming manuscripts and, if needed, send back to authors for adjustments
o    Assign manuscript editors authorized to commit or recommend publication decisions
o    Invite reviewers
o    Monitor, collect and analyze evaluation reports
o    Commit publication decisions 
o    Assign payment and production editors
o    Update journal pages
o    Add new volumes and issues
o    Access journal statistics
o    Update user roles

Manuscript Editor

Depending on the organization scheme of the journal, this role is suitable for editors, associate, section or guest editors, who manage the editorial process of manuscripts assigned to them by inviting peer reviewers and providing publication decisions. Manuscript editors can:
o    Invite reviewers
o    Monitor, collect and analyze evaluation reports
o    Commit or recommend publication decisions, depending on their authorizations
-    Payment Editor: Request article processing payments from authors and track payment status for each manuscript. Payment editors can:
o    Request payments from the authors
o    Track payment status
-    Production and Publication Editor: Communicates with authors to communicate galley proofs and prepare the accepted manuscripts for online publication. Production and publication editors can:
o    Access to key manuscript information
o    Communicate proofs with authors
o    Request corrections from the authors


Reviewers are invited by managing and manuscript editors to review submitted manuscripts and are asked to submit their evaluation reports for these manuscripts. Reviewers can track their review history and claim certificates for completed works. Reviewers can
o    Accept or decline reviewer invitation
o    Submit their evaluation reports
o    Update user profiles
o    View review history
o    Claim review certificates


By default, all registered users in the system have author permissions, allowing them to edit their research topics and personal information, submit new manuscripts, track their existing submissions. Authors can:
o    Create a user account
o    Submit a new manuscript
o    Suggest reviewers
o    Act on adjustment or revision requests
o    Track the current status of their submission
o    Update their user profiles

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